A landscape consists of living elements, physical elements, and human interaction.  The living elements of a landscape should be carefully chosen to guarantee their success.  By choosing the correct plant for the right location in the landscape, it will thrive and serve its desired purpose.  Physical elements can range from structures to landforms that shape the landscape.  A landscape should be an extension of outdoor spaces that surround a structure with landform definining their fuctionality.  A succesful landscape allows for human interaction through its visual aspects, aromas, sounds, and textures.  At Riley Landscaping Inc. we bring all these elements together to create a landscape that is functional and aesthtically pleasing to our clients.

In the construction of a successful landcape, the smallest detail can make or brake the landscape. At Riley Landscaping Inc. we focus on educating each crew member about the project they will be working on so no landscape falls short of its potential.  Whether you're looking for hardscape, softscape or both, our construction division can handle it.  It can be a simple planting to a complete property over haul, our experienced crew will get it done.
A landscape is a living investment that needs to be cared for and nurtured to ensure its successful implementation onto your property.  Our maintance crew strives to produce the highest quallity product to keep your landscape healthy.  This includes but is not limited to clean-ups, mulching, lawn mowing, pruning, planting of seasonal color, and insect/disease treatments.  Our maintance schedule will keep your landscape looking proper for years to come.